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AML/KYC Solution

In the current intricate landscape of regulatory requirements, it has become paramount to guarantee your business's complete adherence to laws and  regulations. Idenfo Direct comprehends the unique challenges encountered by businesses in achieving KYC and AML compliance, which is precisely why we stand ready to assist.

Through the utilisation of technology we bring you an efficient customer onboarding experience, simplifying the compliance procedure for your enterprise. Our aim is to make AML/KYC as straightforward as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the seamless operation of your business.

What We Do

At Idenfo Direct we transform the way businesses navigate AML compliance with our technologically advanced solution to ensure secure, efficient and compliant operations for entities. By joining our Partnership program, you become an integral part of this transformative journey.

Why Partner with Us

At Idenfo Direct, we're not just seeking partners; we're on a mission to empower you to thrive in the dynamic world of identity verification and compliance. Our partnership program is designed with your growth, success and empowerment at its core.

Join Idenfo Direct Partnership program

Are you an entrepreneur, a tech-savvy individual, a seasoned sales director, or a reseller with a passion for driving innovation in the world of identity verification and compliance? If so, Idenfo Direct welcomes you to our exclusive Partnership club – a structured program designed to reward your efforts and foster a dynamic collaboration.

Buddy or Partner: Your Path to Success

Idenfo’s Partner program offers two distinct pathways for aspiring individuals: the Buddy and the Partner.


Your role as a Buddy is to identify promising leads and introduce them to Idenfo. You're the matchmaker, connecting potential clients with our cutting-edge solutions. While you kickstart the journey, our expert Idenfo Direct sales team takes the reins, conducting demos and closing the deals.


As a Partner, you dive deeper into the process. You identify leads, showcase our solutions through demos, and become the driving force behind closing the deal. Your passion and expertise directly contribute to our shared success.

Supporting Your Journey

Idenfo Direct is committed to empowering you to excel in our Partnership program. We provide you with the tools and resources to thrive:

Access to Channel Executives

Connect with key decision-makers within Idenfo for guidance and support.

Sales and Product Training

Equip yourself with in-depth knowledge of our products and best sales practices.

Partner Portal Access

Gain entry to a wealth of resources and materials that streamline your journey.

Technical Support

Our experts are here to assist you whenever you need technical guidance.

Social Media Marketing Collateral

Leverage our marketing materials to bolster your outreach.

Platform Access

Enjoy 100 free profiles for demo purposes, enabling you to showcase our solutions effectively.

Joining the Ranks: Partnership Selection Criteria

To become an Idenfo Direct Partner, you must meet certain criteria:

Legal Working Age

You must be of legal working age in your region.

Essential Tools

Ensure you have the necessary calling software, devices, and internet connectivity.

Communication Skills

Proficiency in the English language (specifically for the UK) is crucial.

Clear Background

Pass Idenfo Direct's name screening and IDV checks, with no criminal or fraud records.

AML Proficiency

Familiarity with AML regulations and compliance in your region ( You must complete our AML course designed especially to give a grounding knowledge of the sphere.

Time Commitment

Dedicate a minimum of 72 hours per week to Idenfo Direct.

Territory Manager Interview

A discussion with our territory manager and agreement to abide by Idenfo guidelines and policies.

Earning Potential: Buddy and Partner Rewards

Idenfo Direct values your contributions, which is why we reward with a generous commission structure.

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey with Idenfo Direct’s Partnership program? It's your chance to shape the future of identity verification, compliance and security. Join us today, and together, we'll unlock new horizons of success.

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