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Corporate verification made simple

Understanding your company's contractual counterparties is crucial for minimising hazards as well as for accountability in a contemporary interlinked globalised economy. Business authentication is now simpler than ever before thanks to KYB (Know Your Business) services.

KYB for Company Authentication

  • Global Company Authentication: Make sure your company’s ties are transparent and honest by gaining accessibility to global registries for thorough business authentication.
  • Quick Insights: KYB gives you fast access to the company's history, enabling you to act swiftly and securely while onboarding.
  • Instant Company Authentication and Universal Risk Protection: KYB provides universal risk protection by protecting your company from possible dangers and weaknesses through instantaneous validation of potential partner companies.

KYB features are making onboarding simpler.

  • Effortless Onboarding: KYB provides a straightforward onboarding procedure that makes it easy and fast for organisations to grow.
  • Simple Integration: Easily incorporate KYB into your current systems to facilitate productive, compliant and successful functioning.
  • Easy Data Access: KYB makes it simple to obtain company authentication data, giving you the information you require when you need it.

How KYB operates

Initiating the KYB (Know Your Business) authentication process manually is a cumbersome procedure. Find out how digital KYB services guarantee the highest level of compliance, efficiency and safety during the onboarding process. Let's examine the procedures that make up the KYB verification process:


Understanding your company's contractual counterparties is crucial for minimising hazards as well as for accountability in a contemporary interlinked globalised economy. Business authentication is now simpler than ever before thanks to KYB (Know Your Business) services.


Advanced reporting: As required per regional laws, any unusual conduct found throughout the screening procedure is to be reported to the appropriate government agencies. This will help fight money laundering and guarantee compliance with regulations.


Business documentation collection: To guarantee regulatory compliance crucial business documents including business licences, commercial registration certificates, tax registration certificates, and other pertinent paperwork are collected and authenticated.


Ownership structure analysis: To learn more about the ownership system and governance of the company, shareholding structures and control hierarchies can be explored.


Background check: To ensure the authenticity of the company an investigation is carried out to be alerted of any suspicious activity or connection that poses the risk or potential of financial fraud.


Risk assessment: Using the data gathered about the company to be onboarded through the initial stages, vulnerabilities are evaluated. Sorting the risks into categories.

KYB Services' Industrial Applications

Know Your Business (KYB) services are revolutionising the manner in which companies assess and enrol their partner companies, providing vital advantages to an array of sectors. Let's examine the various industries that KYB services can and are assisting:


KYB services are employed by insurance firms to confirm the authenticity of companies seeking insurance coverage. Insurance companies can reduce the possibility of fraudulent claims and maintain the integrity of their underwriting procedures by thoroughly investigating corporate organisations.

Law and Observance

During careful consideration of corporate organisations associated with buyouts, acquisitions, or collaborations, legal and regulatory experts count on KYB solutions. KYB services assist legal teams in making wise decisions and reduce legal risk by offering insightful information about the ownership structure, financial health, and conformity with regulations of businesses.

Real Estate

KYB services are utilised in the property market in order to confirm the true identities of businesses engaged in property deals. In advance of signing contracts or collaborations, property representatives and builders use KYB services to perform criminal record checks on businesses to make sure they are reliable and financially healthy.

Procurement and the Supply Chain

KYB services are used by supply chain management as well as purchasing businesses to screen prospective vendors and providers. Organisations may reduce supply chain hazards, guarantee product quality, and uphold regulatory compliance by confirming the validity of business partners and evaluating their financial soundness.

Financial Services & Banking

Clients supply identification proof as well as private data.Companies gather and verify the supplied data to guarantee its correctness and comprehensiveness.

Marketplaces and E-Commerce

KYB services are essential to the safe onboarding of vendors and retailers by e-commerce websites and internet platforms. Online retailers can safeguard against scams, uphold trust among customers, and guarantee a secure and dependable online purchasing experience by authenticating firms and evaluating their reliability.

Automated KYB with Idenfo Direct

The Perfect Onboarding

With Idenfo Direct's fully automated KYB (Know Your Business) solution, enjoy a smooth customer onboarding process. Easily verify and onboard genuine clients, guaranteeing a flawless onboarding process for companies and their clientele.

Increased Vigilance

Idenfo Direct offers improved screening for thorough audits of compliance and risk evaluations, going above and beyond simple verification. Businesses can rely on Idenfo Direct to deliver accurate and trustworthy verification findings with an extremely precise rate, giving them the peace of mind to make sound choices.

Simple Integration

Bid farewell to intricate integration procedures. Businesses may easily integrate KYB verification services with Idenfo Direct's seamless integration process, which eliminates the need for intricate procedures.

Simplified Validation

Organisations can accomplish superior precision in authentication, optimise scrutiny, and expedite onboarding operations with Idenfo Direct's digitally advanced KYB onboarding services. Enjoy seamless risk assessments, adherence to regulatory compliance, and innovation with Idenfo Direct's cutting-edge KYB verification solution.

Unleash the strength of Idenfo Direct’s advanced KYB services

Utilise KYB's potential to give your company access to in-depth data and real-time verification. With our KYB solutions, make the initial move in the direction of worldwide corporate verification.


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