Industries That Need Identity Verification and Why

Industries That Need Identity Verification and Why

Digital identity verification is a process of authenticating customers, stakeholders and all potential stakeholders with the purpose of only onboarding legitimate people. It utilises various biometric authentication checks and government-issued ID document verification to ensure the legitimacy of an individual. Manual background checks of potential employees and customers are often insufficient because people intending to commit fraud can use fake documents. The benefits of using an identity verification platform is that their AI algorithms would catch this fraudulent behaviour that human eyes would probably not be able to catch.

Businesses in all sectors would benefit from having an identity verification platform to use when onboarding, especially with the increasingly complicated manner in which people are beginning to commit fraud. But we have narrowed the industries down into the ones we believe identity verification is most crucial for.


Many forms of fintech and finance companies are doing everything in their power to make the onboarding process more efficient and easier. Insurance companies, crowdfunding, virtual payment platforms and the like are all striving to alleviate fraud within the finance field which has become rampant. UNODC and Europol have reported that two to five percent of the global GDP is laundered every year, the figure ranges from 715 billion – 1.87 trillion euros a year.

In order to address this problem, finance companies need to become more selective and more thorough with their background checks. They need to be aware of who they are bringing in whether it be a customer, employee or any potential stakeholder in the business. To carry this out and not halt business, only an identity verification software like Idenfo Direct could manage to carry out in depth background checks that require no manpower.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is the first industry identity verification is necessary for. This industry itself is one of the most up and coming industries, with over one billion gamers worldwide, most of which are young and at risk. Online gaming platforms are a big target for people committing fraud because anonymity is easily achievable. Illicit activities and money laundering are easy to carry out through online gaming platforms.

Online gaming platforms can use Idenfo Direct’s identity verification software to ensure the people utilising their platform are legitimate but also not slow down the onloading of users. Gaming platforms onload innumerable new players daily and manually checking each individual is not practical but softwares like Idenfo Direct would be able to work in haste.


The travel industry is one that is difficult to regulate, partly because of all of the middlemen involved in the transactions. As a result of this, fake travel agents, fake travel organisations and forged identities are becoming more and more common. According to Consoltech, travel industry scams will soon exceed USD 25 billion. Only intense and thorough identity verification tactics will prevent such fraud, tactics like face verification which Idenfo Direct can carry out. Our robust systems of verification will leave all the work to us.


The service industry could certainly benefit greatly from using identity verification platforms to verify the identity of a variety of different types of employees that work in a single restaurant, café, or eatery. From chefs to waiters to valet staff, it is essential that you are aware of who you are employing and choosing to represent your brand or business.

Today, you often hear stories of waitstaff being unreliable and even fraudulent, and with thorough ID verification, you can ensure that all necessary checks are run against all new hires, and rest assured that in the case of having to track anyone down, you have all the verified information you need. Platforms like Idenfo Direct can run quick yet thorough and reliable checks on your employees to ensure they are who they say they are. No need to ask around and do your own research when you have Idenfo Direct

Identity verification platforms are an inevitable investment for any business that works with people. Verifying and authenticating the people you work with is a key necessity to the success of any business. Start thinking about the future of your company today and invest in an identity verification platform.

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