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7 Big Ones in 6 Months

In the last 200 days, Idenfo has managed to close deals with some of the largest clients in Pakistan. This article will breakdown who those clients are and how Idenfo is able to secure such names despite our young age.

Engro is a 50+ year old conglomerate headquartered in Karachi employing nearly 3,000 people and is generally considered one of the largest companies in the country. They have a range of verticals but some of them are energy, chemicals, fertilizers, and other agriproducts.

J. is one of Pakistan’s most globalized boutiques, with over 120 outlets around the world. It has branches in UAE, Qatar, Australia, Canada, UK and many more.

E.Ocean is an enterprise-grade cloud communication platform that helps companies automate their support channels. The company covers 180 countries and receives more than 2 billion API requests annually.

Greenwich University is a fine institute with campuses in Pakistan and Mauritius, providing quality education to over 3,000 students.

BRB Group is a well-known conglomerate in Pakistan. Recognized as industry leaders in design-build construction, marketing, contracting and consultation.

HBL Asset Management a wholly owned subsidiary of HBL which is the largest commercial bank of Pakistan. The subsidiary has over $410 million in AUM.

Efu Life is one of Pakistan’s largest life insurance companies, being the first in the country to be ISO certified and having the highest paid-up capital of Rs. 1 billion.

How is Idenfo able to bag such huge clients?

Incidentally, all our success can be simplified down to two major reasons. Our system and our team.

Our most attractive features:

Our system is one that truly impresses because once you open it in front of people who understand KYC systems, their capabilities, and shortcomings, they are completely bowled over by the simplicity, capability, innovative algorithms and end-to-end nature of the product.

Our team has a genuine passion for Idenfo, each one of us come into work every day with one specific goal; take Idenfo to new heights. Our team has basically become one of our USPs. A true blend of talent, enthusiasm, and passion. We believe this is made possible for several reasons but the key one being inclusivity.

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