AML and Risk Assessment Consultancy Services

Utilise our AML and Risk Assessment consultancy services to conduct a comprehensive review your existing processes and policies, and to neutralise potential threats to your business.

Assess Your Business Risk with Ease

Has your business undergone a review of its inherent risk and current AML/CTF processes? Our accredited AML compliance consultants offer expert advice on how you can manage and enhance your existing AML and KYC controls.

Affordable AML Consulting Solutions

Our experienced AML compliance consultants offer affordable rates and expert recommendations to help you minimize your ML/TF risk.

Targeted to Region

Collaborate with an AML compliance consultant who possesses knowledge of your region’s regulations and can offer insights into your unique AML/CTF responsibilities.

Customised Consultation

Our AML consulting is customised to fit your unique business needs and the nature of the products or services you provide.

Complete AML/CTF Framework

Gain access to a structured and comprehensive framework that enables you to assess your compliance with key AML/CTF requirements.

Reduce Residual Risk

With our risk assessment process address any identified gaps in your compliance processes and reduce residual risk for your business by implementing appropriate controls.

Uncover Inherent Risks

Before implementing an anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing program, it is crucial to identify your inherent risk. This involves assessing vulnerabilities that exist within your market, sector, jurisdiction, and other relevant factors.

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UAE AML Consultancy

The Importance of Conducting an AML/CTF Risk Assessment

Conducting an AML/CTF risk assessment allows you to identify potential risks and establish policies and procedures to mitigate and manage them. It’s unrealistic to assume that a business won’t be targeted for money laundering and terrorism financing. Therefore, it’s important to identify and assess your ML/TF risk and establish frameworks to prioritize and monitor your exposure to these risks using AML solutions.

Ongoing Risk Reviews

An assessment of your ML/TF risk assessment must always be conducted before the introduction of any new product, channels, or the development of new techniques implemented to deliver your service.

In addition to periodic reviews of your systems and controls, there is a range of circumstances that can trigger an immediate need to review a product or channel’s ML/TF risk assessment.

UAE AML Consultancy

Identifying Your Inherent ML/TF Risk

After identifying the risk assessment process, you need to implement appropriate systems and controls to reduce that risk. Following this, you can evaluate the residual risk and employ risk management systems and controls to oversee and manage that risk.

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Compliance Health Check by a Senior Compliance Expert- 5 hrs X 2 Days (Deliverable: Quick Review of the CBUAE Requirements and the client’s current practices in Powerpoint)
Review of existing policies/procedures (Deliverable: Detailed Report with recommendations on Gap analysis against UAE’s AML CTF regulatory requirements)
Develop , Upgrade or Re-writing of policies/procedures (Deliverable: New or Enhanced AML CTF related policies/procedures)
Communication plan and Training Content for relevant team members

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